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Dec 4, 2013 11:00am EST
by just 165 votes. today president obama is heading in to talk about the economy. here's a look at the arts and recreation campus. he will be speaking a few minutes from now. we don't expect him to make specific announcements, but he will urge congress to pass a budget and extend unemployment by the end of the year. three house committees are holding hearings that focus on the affordable care act's roll out. republicans in the committee say issues with prove they can't handle undertakings. democrats disagree with that. >> we have before us an example of something that may be too big to swallow even for the u.s. federal government. >> our country's experience with social security in 1935, medicare in 1965 and a prescription drug program in 2005 democrats the government is capable of overcoming the initial problems with the implementation. >> president obama insists the program is working well. he spoke in front of people who said have benefitted from the new law and works well for the ma jorit of users. as you heard, republicans remain skeptical and you are hearing
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am EST
got data that the economy grew at the 3.6% rate and there was a drop in unemployment claims. it all adds up and the data showing that the economy appearing to be getting stronger and some believe it can with stand the federal reserve. >> good news and thanks a lot. >> absolutely. >> it with pride is a new exhibit opening right now at the national gallery of art. it tells about the volunteer infantry. it was one of the first official african-american units. the gallery produced a play called forward 54. here to talk about it is the play right. good morning. you brought with you a dad low. that will come to in a moment. we won't ask them to speak. they are part of this wonderful program. i looked over the materials you have and it's unbelievable. tell us about what you wrote. >> this compliments the exhibit what is commissioned by the education division. it brings the story to through the eyes of the four characters. one is a young drummer boy and com shaw himself. he led the regimen and usy sing taylor. >> when i look through the book that they produced for this exhibition, i was mov
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2